Fire Pocket Dragon
Fire Pocket Dragon
Fire Pocket Dragon
Fire Pocket Dragon
Fire Pocket Dragon

Fire Pocket Dragon

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A sweet little fire dragon curled up in his pocket watch lair. He is painted in black with orange/red/yellow details and bone white horns and plates. 

The dragon is carefully hand sculpted in polymer clay with lots of tiny details and is hand painted. He has a little orange glass eyes and is finished with a matt varnish and then a gloss glaze on his horns, plates and wing.  A unique piece of art for any dragon lover! 

  • The pocket watch case is presented on a very long (80cm) chain. The case measures about 4.8 cm across. 
  • Comes in gift box

Care of your artwork

This is a handmade clay sculpture and while made of a very durable clay, they are fragile sculptures that should always be handled or worn with care. They are not suitable for small children.

Please press the top pin in when closing the case lid rather than snapping it shut to protect your sculpture. The sculpture has been sculpted into the case and therefore is not removable from the case. Never pull on the pin.


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