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Silver Holo Dungeon Master Dragon Sticker
Silver Holo Dungeon Master Dragon Sticker

Silver Holo Dungeon Master Dragon Sticker

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1 Lovely hand made sticker of my original D20 Dragon artwork, printed with a black background so that the lineart shows the shiny holo silver/rainbow underneath. The holo vinyl is a metallic silver colour with a rainbow holo effect depending on how it catches the light.

How they are made: The stickers are printed onto the sticker vinyl with transparent line art and a black background. You can either have the dice and banner solid or as lineart. 

The stickers are then hand cut. Please note I don't have any specialised cutter for these so they are cut by hand with scissors, so please bare in mind the cut will vary between sticker and won't be 100% perfect as a machine would get it :)

I can add custom text to the banner as long as it will nicely fit, but please message me first as I charge a bit more for customs.

Care of your stickers: These stickers are perfect for adorning laptops and notebooks and other clean flat surfaces. NOT WATERPROOF. They are for dry indoor use only, do not get them wet. Also take care not to scratch your stickers.

Colours may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

Shipping: Shipped in a hard back envelope.